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Re: (unstable) Latest binutils can't link kernels

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Fabrice Gautier wrote:

> The latest ld (binutils package) in unstable can't link 2.4.x kernel (on
> x86 at least). This is a "feature" change in ld which cause this.

It's a *feature* change (no quotes...it's not a bug) in ld upstream to
prevent clashing with a similar option on another
architecture/platform.  The only difference is that you need to change
-oformat in arch/i386/boot/Makefile to --oformat.  My next upload (in a
few minutes) addresses this by echoing some text on postinst to note this
since my BIG NOTE in the changelog apparently was mostly unread.

> The question is do I have to fill a bug against kernel-source packages?
> Is there a chance official kernel release will be compatible with latest
> ld?
> Or should debian binutils or kernel be patched?

If you're in a bug-filing mood, it saves me some hassle :-P  File bugs
against the kernel-source-xxx packages asking have this change made for
all involved archs (only i386, IIRC, but there could be one or two
more...not Alpha, though).

> Or should we have a kbinutils packages as there was a gcc272 package to
> compile the kernel??

Ack!  No way!!!!


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