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Re: NM frustrations...

On 22 Feb 2001, Bob Hilliard wrote:

> > > >>It means that the DAM is anything but objective, and will arbitrarily
> > > >>delay your approval if annoyed.
>      The statement quoted above was _not_ made by the DAM.  I've lost
> track of who said it, and the earlier statement that it amplifies, but
> I don't believe it was anyone connected with the NM process.  

But someone connected with Debian DID imply that "complaining" about
delays would get a new maintainer into a busy-wait.

>      This whole thread is an over-reaction.  People should not treat a
> sarcastic comment by one individual as if it were an ex-cathedra
> pronouncement by the DPL.

No, the thread is _not_ an overreaction.  Debian developers have the
unfortunate tendency to downplay problems with the distribution, process,
or anything else connected to the project.

The fact is some new maintainers are waiting long periods of time to get
approved.  No one seems to want to tell them why.  When they ask, they are
rebuked.  The sarcastic comment to which you refer is not only the lone
explanation for the problems I've heard, but it also fits the empirical
data quite well.  This should concern all debian developers and users.



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