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Re: Obsolete packages

>>>> "JE" == Jon Eisenstein <jeisen@mindspring.com> writes:

JE> Does anyone have any idea why libgnomeui33 and libstdc++2.1 are now listed
JE> as obsolete in unstable? I can't exactly file bugs against them, and many
JE> packages depend on each of these. I've been used to having 2 obselete
JE> packages listed for me (pine since it was locally compiled and fancylogin,
JE> since I'm not yet ready to move to francine), but why the sudden dropping
JE> of what seems to me to be fairly important libraries?

libgnomeui33 was as upstream bug.

Nothing is build against this package now (for i386 and for my package)

Fill a bug report against package who has deen build with these library (I see:
gcdmaster, gnomesword, sodipodi).


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