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Re: key signing request - Nijmegen, The Netherlands

On Thu 15 Feb 2001, Stijn de Bekker wrote:
> > 
> > three people in Nijmegen
> > one in Arnhem (Nijmegen closest)
> > one in Eindhoven (for whom it does not matter)...
> ...and two in Enschede
> If it's possible, I'd like to come too (yes, I'm in Enschede).

I think that we should start picking a date.

FYI, there is a mailing list for debian developers in the Netherlands
which is usually used for such things; I recommend you guys join that.
Send email to debdev-request@info.cistron.nl to subscribe / unsubscribe;
the list itself is developers@debian.nl .

I prefer a late afternoon / early evening during a weekday, that's when
I'm in Arnhem (near Nijmegen) :-)

Paul Slootman
home:       paul@wurtel.net      http://www.wurtel.demon.nl/
work:       paul@murphy.nl       http://www.murphy.nl/
debian:     paul@debian.org      http://www.debian.org/
isdn4linux: paul@isdn4linux.org  http://www.isdn4linux.org/

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