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Re: key signing request - Nijmegen, The Netherlands

On Wednesday 14 February 2001 11:28, software@stalemate.nl wrote:
> As chance would have it my day-time job is located within 50 yards of Egon
> and Peter (my university address is sil@sci.kun.nl).  As a Debian wannabee
> in the NM-queue I'd like to jump on the key-signing bandwagon and truck on
> down to Paul in Arnhem, too. . . or vice-versa ;->

That would make:

three people in Nijmegen
one in Arnhem (Nijmegen closest)
one in Eindhoven (for whom it does not matter)...

I would say, at this moment, this is a clear Nijmegen...
Moreover, getting to Utrecht is a bit expensive for me if it is not
during the weekend...

Wasn't there a world map with Debian devels? What about a (small)
Debian conference in Nijmegen? Would that be fun? Just thinking
loud ...


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