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Re: Packages for using kernel 2.4.x with potato

On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, Waldemar Brodkorb wrote:

> Hello Adrian,

Hi Waldemar,

> > > Please check the isdnutils version in woody...
> > > That will install cleanly on a potato system.
> > > Just be sure to get all the parts you need, as isdnutils
> > > has been split up (especially the ipppd package will be
> > > needed by most people, and the current version of isdnutils
> > > doesn't check for this correctly yet in its preinstall).
> >
> > I don't include isdnutils in the first version of my packages because
> > there are some bugs like #84031 open I prefer to get fixed before I'll add
> > isdnutils. Are you currently working on a new package or can you allow me
> > to do a NMU to fix some bugs?
> ii  isdnutils          3.0-20             ISDN utilities
> from potato works with normal hisax and capi4linux
> konfiguration quite well.
> uname -a
> Linux server 2.4.0 #1 Sat Jan 6 11:47:12 CET 2001 i486 unknown

I don't know much about this since I don't use ISDN, but
Documentation/Changes of kernel 2.4.1 says:

<--  snip  -->

Current Minimal Requirements

Upgrade to at *least* these software revisions before thinking you've
encountered a bug!  If you're unsure what version you're currently
running, the suggested command should tell you.
o  isdn4k-utils           3.1pre1                 # isdnctrl 2>&1|grep version

<--  snip  -->

That's the reason why I want to upgrade isdnutils.



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