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Packages to run kernel 2.4.x on potato (version 1)

[please excuse that my English isn't perfect - I'm not a native speaker]

I have prepared the packages needed to run kernels up to 2.4.1 on a
potato system. Please read the whole mail before you install these


Please consider the following before you install these packages:
- These are packages taken from unstable recompiled on potato.
  You can't expect that they are as stable as the packages in potato
  and although I'll try my best I can't garuantee anything.
- When you upgrade modutils you can no longer run a modular
  2.0.x kernel.
- Some packages you'll perhaps need aren't yet included because some
  bugs need to be fixed before I'll include them:
  * devfsd
  * isdnutils


If you still want to install these package you can do so by adding

  deb http://people.debian.org/~bunk/debian potato main
  deb-src http://people.debian.org/~bunk/debian potato main

to your /etc/apt/sources.list or you can download them directly from


Bug reports

Please tell me when you find a problem with these packages or if other
packages are needed. Don't report bugs in these packages to the Debian
bug tracking system!

Versioning of these packages

When I had to recompile a packageI have decreased the last digit of the
package version by one and added a ".bunk", e.g.

  3.x.0a-2  -> 3.x.0a-1.bunk

to mark that these packages aren't the official ones but packages I've
recompiled. When you'll some time upgrade your distribution to woody
you'll get the official package installed instead.
The exception from this rule is ipmasq where I didn't decrease the last
digit before adding the ".bunk" because this is the official package
plus an important patch.


Currently, only i386 is supported. I had one request for powerpc packages
and I'm willing to add this and other architectures. But higher priority
items are for me:

- Fixing problems that occur.
- Add the packages I mentioned in "Warnings" as still missing.
- Some other both Debian (my packages, sponsoring people, QA) and
  non-Debian (studies, finding a new job,...) items.

Upgraded packages
-----------------	Version

e2fsprogs		1.19-3
  Binary packages:
  - comerr-dev
  - e2fslibs-dev
  - e2fsprogs
  - ss-dev
  - uuid-dev
ipmasq			3.5.5 (+ patch from #85781)
ksymoops		2.4.0-1
modutils		2.4.1-2
pcmcia-cs		3.1.24-2 (without pcmcia-modules)
  Binary packages:
  - pcmcia-cs
  - pcmcia-source
ppp			2.4.0f-1
util-linux		2.10q-1
  Binary packages:
  - bsdutils
  - mount
  - util-linux

New packages
------------		Version

iptables		1.2-6
kernel-source-2.4.1	2.4.1-3
reiserfsprogs		3.x.0a-2


Version 1:
  * Initial release.

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