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Possible ITP or IT-Sponsor gnome-doc-tools

Hi gtk-gnome people, hi Eliot,

I'm trying to compile the latest version of balsa for a debian
package. As has been the case for as long as I can remember, the
documentation doesn't compile ;-)

This time, however, I have spent more time investigating the error
message, and understand what is happening.

It seems that the GNOME doc project is using a DTD and DSL pair of
their own (fair enough) which is not in debian.

Further inspection shows that these are packaged at


by one Eliot Landrum.

It wouldn't surprise me if these tools are also needed by some other
gnome packages to produce their documentation.

Is there any other effort to package them that I'm unaware of? If not, 
consider this message either an intent to package, or an intent to
sponsor eliot's packages (depending whether he wants to maintain them
or not).

Jules Bean

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