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Re: Why whichman is in testing?

Robert Luberda wrote:
> I'm whichman's maintainer and I'm very glad that it is in testing,
> but I don't understand _why_ it is there.
> robert@auric:~$ madison whichman
>   whichman |      1.9-1 |       testing | alpha, arm, i386, powerpc,
> sparc
>   whichman |      1.9-1 |      unstable | alpha, arm, i386, mips,
> powerpc, sparc
> robert@auric:~$
> Whichman is a new package (about 10 days in unstable), 
> it is `architecture: any', and as you can see above, it has no m68k binares,
> but it is in testing.

I think that testing doesn't mind if a package has never been compiled
on one arch. It's only when a package used to compile on an arch, but is
not longer being updated for that arch that it will hold it out of

see shy jo

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