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Re: printtool in Debian

Quoting Erik Steffl (steffl@bigfoot.com):
> Michael Neuffer wrote:
> > Quoting Erik Steffl (steffl@bigfoot.com):
> > > > 2. It lacks a "printer chooser" graphical frontent. The normal
> > > >    user (imagine your mother setting up a new printer for it)
> > > >    doesn't want to be bothered with the tasks currently needed
> > > >    to set up a new printer. We would need the printer definitions
> > > >    package from linuxprinting.org for example.
> > >
> > >   you can set-up new printer using web interface, it's quite simple, you
> > > just pick from menus... or do you mean something else?
> > 
> > Yes, the backend for that is missing. Look at how easy it is
> > under Windows. Thas must be our goal.
>   well, setting up the new printer is fairly easy (using cups) but
> adding a new printer driver is not - is that what you mean? 

Yes. (I do use cups)

> it would be
> nice if you were able to install cups and then simply apt-get install
> cups-driver-hp930c or something like that. IMO not all driver should be
> installed - that a waste of space.

I'm not so sure about that. They could be stored in an gziped archive.
It shouldn't use up too much disk space.

Adding another _couple thousand_ debian packages just for printer
drivers would be sheer madness.
>   btw the same goes for other packages - it would be nice if the
> packages would be configurable in a way so that I can say which parts of
> package are installed - for example I cannot get rid of gless because
> it's part of gnome-utils which contains some generally usefull stuff for
> gnome. yes, I know rm command but when I update the system it would be
> added again (AFAIK).

No, I think this is only remotely related. With the printer drivers
one could have a list available and pull the necessary files out of 
an archive on your _local_ disk unter /usr/share/printerdrivers
or something similar.


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