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Re: printtool in Debian

Michael Neuffer wrote:
> Quoting calvin@users.sourceforge.net (calvin@users.sourceforge.net):
> > Hi,
> >
> > On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 04:13:20PM -0800, Rafael Kitover wrote:
> > > I have been thinking that we really need is a clean Perl or Python based
> > > printer configuration system, configurable via the web (and/or dialog,
> > > gnome, gtk, tk, take your pick).
> >
> > I am using cups now, and its web interface is really nice. No problems
> > so far. It also has a Qt interface (kups). It has a GTK interface (gtklp).
> >
> > No magicfilter needed any more :)
> CUPS is very nice indeed, however it lacks on two issues:
> 1. Most printer drivers are in the commercial part of the package

  there are some other drivers for cups, see gimp-print, even though I
wasn't able to make it work with cups:-) the driver for epson stylus
color 740 included with gimp-print is fairly good though (tried it with

> 2. It lacks a "printer chooser" graphical frontent. The normal
>    user (imagine your mother setting up a new printer for it)
>    doesn't want to be bothered with the tasks currently needed
>    to set up a new printer. We would need the printer definitions
>    package from linuxprinting.org for example.

  you can set-up new printer using web interface, it's quite simple, you
just pick from menus... or do you mean something else? and btw my mom
used to be a programmer (now she's manager:-)


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