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printtool in Debian

I have been thinking that we really need is a clean Perl or Python based
printer configuration system, configurable via the web (and/or dialog,
gnome, gtk, tk, take your pick). Maybe just using debconf. That goes
with the magicfilter system.  A few people have spent a lot of time on
making this port (of printtool) work at all, and it's just kludging a

The printtool Tcl code is one of the ugliest monstrosities I've ever had
the displeasure of dealing with, not to mention it being Tcl.

Any suggestions on the proper system to implement this? I'd just write a
clean base in Perl using the Gtk libraries, and so it could plug into
the gnome control center. Then put in the less odious hacks from
printtool sources, though perhaps using magicfilter as the filter

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Please CC: me replies, I'm not on -devel, thanks!

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