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Re: assimilating OpenBSD

The part where I should have to so that Starner can rehash old flamewars.
Everything that CAN be said about Debian/BSD has already been said, and
it's been taken into account or ignored as necessary.  BTW, there is
useful information in this thread--part of it's mutated into something I
really want to pay attention to: auditing Debain as a whole, so a
thread-based killfile would be contraindicated.

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Scott Dier wrote:

>* John Galt <galt@inconnu.isu.edu> [010207 15:09]:
>> What part of "let's not reopen the BSD flamewar" don't you understand?
>Which part of subject thread killfile is hard to understand?

Armageddon means never having to say you're sorry.

Who is John Galt?  galt@inconnu.isu.edu, that's who!

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