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mpg321 0.0.1 released

I have fixed the wave-output bug in mpg321, and therefore I've uploaded
it to incoming. I've also fixed a bug (which affected mpg321) in smpeg,
and I have produced some .deb files of the fixed version as well.
All of them are available from the apt-able sources:

deb http://gemini.woot.net/%7Ehosehead packages/
deb-src http://gemini.woot.net/%7Ehosehead packages/

For those who don't know, mpg321 is a fully free clone of mpg123, based
on smpeg. It should work with most front-ends (like gqmpeg) as a basic
mp3 player and also as a mp3->wav converter. Some of the features
(like playlists and downsampling, among others) are not implemented yet,
but a basic subset to allow most (if not all) packages which Depend:
on mpg123 to move to main from contrib are now implemented. If you find
any compatibility bugs with mpg321 which don't occur with mpg123, please
report them as bugs, and I'll do my best to fix them.


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