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Re: RFC: Central version control for Debian

In Fri, 2 Feb 2001 15:21:43 -0700 (MST) John cum veritate scripsit :

> Now we have other problems.  Overload of the CVS servers is not a valid
> excuse in this case.  In fact, if the loading problems are such that
> even one Debian user that wants to checkout the CVS tree cannot, this
> proposal must die now.  

I think enough discussion has come up that this is not the case. 
There are many projects which seem to be working with a distributed 
CVS system. cvsup seems to be used quite widely, and making mirrors of CVS
sites seems to be done quite efficiently. 

As a sidenote, this in fact probably takes much less bandwidth than our 
current scheme of mirroring whole bunch of orig.tar.gz and .diff.gz
in ftp sites, and if done correctly, would be pretty interesting indeed.

# sidenote starts: 

And I have checked out the repository for OpenBSD to see how they
have done it. They have cvs (anonymous read-only) mirrors all over the 
world, just like we have loads of ftp mirrors around the world.

It has been done before, and does not sound like a completely unreasonable

And I did see a whole source to GNU gcc in their CVS (no idea whether they are
synched with the upstream, but it looked like it was).

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