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Re: QT 2.2.4 changes

>  > I could dump all of the .h files in /usr/include but I think that would be
>  > more of a mess than anything else..especially since most QT based apps have
>  > a --with-qt-includes= option (or something similar).  
>  Oh, no, gods, no.  I thought this was an upstream change.

nope... upstream still is set for people to use --with-qt-dir and have
a full dir structure under that dir...  


and since designer came around now there's a bunch of templates and other
crap that needs under that tree...if you respect it...we haven't been
truely respecting it for a while now...KDE doesn't even respect it 
anymore for the most part.  The only thing that needs it is apps like
designer that look for $(QTDIR)/tools/designer/templates/*.ui   ...thus
the reason for /usr/share/qt  those apps can still have QTDIR= something without
it being in the /usr/lib tree...  

and so we just swap out --with-qt-dir for --with-qt-includes and put everything
where it should be, and move on. :)

Hopefully as QT progresses they'll move away from the whole QTDIR thing
completely and adopt something better...It served it's purpose for a long time,
but it doesn't fit things like FHS.


Ivan E. Moore II
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