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Re: QT 2.2.4 changes

>  >     This is a heads up to developers using QT.  As of the 2.2.4 version of
>  > QT the following has changed.
>  Just out of curiosity, this is an upstream change, isn't it?

no.  They still (with 2.2.x) base everything around QTDIR.  

>  >  so either a --with-qt-includes=/usr/include/qt will
>  Hmmm...
>  What's the point of having a new namespace if you don't use it?
>  Although it's a PITA, shouldn't programs start moving from #include
>  <qtfoo.h> to #include <qt/qtfoo.h>?

QT has been in the QTDIR deal for quite some time...they did this to keep 
everything across platforms common...so all the apps based itself on this.
most apps look for a --with-qt-dir= statement or similar.  So most apps
are used to finding the header files in $QTDIR/include.

I could dump all of the .h files in /usr/include but I think that would be
more of a mess than anything else..especially since most QT based apps have
a --with-qt-includes= option (or something similar).  

As it's looking now, QT3 gives the option to install things outside of the
QTDIR structure..I'm still not sure how this will play out, but I plan on
sticking to /usr/include/qt as it's been used (for Debian at least) for quite
some time.  As for whether apps should move to #include <qt/qtfoo.h>...
does it really matter that much?  That means that every platform that QT is
runs on must conform to this...or we Debian must do this manually.  I personally
rather stick with a --with-qt-includes= .


Ivan E. Moore II
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