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QT 2.2.4 changes


    This is a heads up to developers using QT.  As of the 2.2.4 version of
QT the following has changed.

     Removal of /usr/lib/qt2
     Addition of /usr/share/qt
     All libs go in /usr/lib
     All bins go in /usr/bin
     All headers go in /usr/include/qt
     Links to headers and docs go into /usr/share/qt
     All supplimental files go into /usr/share/qt/
 So...the ui templates needed for designer would go under /usr/share/qt
 /usr/share/qt could be equivilant to $QTDIR if necessary.  We have been working
 mostly out of the QTDIR scheme for quite some time...some old programs still
 needed it, but for the most part we can live with just telling the program
 where the headers are...so either a --with-qt-includes=/usr/include/qt will
 work or you can still do a --with-qt-dir=/usr/share/qt and it should still
 work.  This takes all the crap out of the /usr/lib directory structure and
 places it out where it should be...following FHS and Debian guidelines. 

Ivan E. Moore II
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