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Need sponsor: btyacc -- backtracking parser generator based on byacc


I am currently in the NM queue, and I'm looking for a sponsor for my
package "btyacc". I've uploaded the deb to <http://atterer.net/debian>
- is anybody interested in sponsoring it?



PS: Description:

btyacc is a hacked version of the original Berkeley "byacc". The main
change to byacc is the addition of backtracking code, allowing you to
try both alternatives in case of shift-reduce or reduce-reduce
conflicts. As long as no backtracking takes place, speed is comparable
to bison. Additional features:
- enhanced support for storing of text position information for tokens
- closes the potential *yacc/bison memory leak during error recovery
- preprocessor directives like %ifdef, %include
- C++ friendly

URL: http://www.siber.org/btyacc/
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