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Re: RFC: Central version control for Debian

Quoting Roland Mas (lolando@debian.org):
> Junichi Uekawa (2001-02-02 02:52:58 +0900) :
> > One catch would be the fact that this would cause an overhead for
> > the maintainers for the packages moved to cvs in terms of network
> > load.
>   Yes, and for the server too.  I'm not aware of a distributed CVS, so
> everything comes to and from one server.  Compare with the network of
> hierrachical mirrors.
>   On the other hand setting one server for write access and several
> mirrors for read would cause problems, but probably nothing that some
> scripts wouldn't fix.  Like, you do your checkout and updates on the
> read-only server, and you must manually (read: scriptically) change
> CVSROOT for commits.

Just look at the *BSD versions. They've been using distributed
"download" cvs servers for years successfully.  For 
downloads/checkouts you use an optimized tool like CVSup.

>   One could also imagine automagically starting a build process or an
> upload or whatever on every commit of the Debian changelog.



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