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Re: Open letter to Debian community


> the size of debian may not be a big issue now, but when do we draw the
> line? 5 CD's? a DVD? 

NEVER draw the line. Debian is growing, the storage medias are growing. You 
said it.  DVD recorders are getting affordable so in the near future you can 
buy a DVD instead of the 5 CD's. And a few years later you buy 2 DVD but then 
I think there will be already a new media with much more storage space. I 
don't agree to cut debian down. It's sounds like censorship. How do you want 
to define which software is included and which is not? I think the current 
situation is ok. Important software is on the first CD. If you don't want to 
do some special things, you don't need more than this CDs. What's wrong about 

Otherwise I can't say much about this topic, because I am installing debian 
from the internet and not from cds. I know that not everyone on the world has 
a cheep connection to the internet. But exactly for these people I think it 
is very important to have as much software as possible on CDs.


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