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Re: Daemontools

At 05:00 PM 31/01/01 -0500, Adam McKenna wrote:
There's a need for consistency in Debian.  People should always be able to
stop and start a service by using /etc/init.d/service scripts.

I'd agree with this. It's hard enough as it is not having consistency with the maintenance of rc?.d links without then having to worry about which service manager your service is running under. Also, by not removing the links aren't you going to confuse runlevel managers (if not the users themselves)?

Does anyone know if it matter if svc -u gets called twice? Doesn't it just send signals which will be ignored by a supervise which is already 'up'? Thus user can /etc/init.d/service start and /etc/init.d/service stop all [s]he wants, yes?

An alternative would be to have init scripts telling users to go elsewhere (service controlled by daemontools. go use svc) - possibly better than having none at all? Maybe not.

On the other hand, assuming daemontools isn't installed by default then perhaps we *don't* need corresponding init scripts - after all daemontools is designed to make things less complex, not more :)

I'll just get on back to moving svscan to inittab - thanks Gerrit for the suggestion.

 - samj

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