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Re: Open letter to Debian community (fwd)

> This might be a culture difference.  In the US we have had an
> no-less-than-amazing explosion of disk space.  I can go to the local
> CompUSA and pick up a 30-50GB drive for $130-160 USD.  Not too long ago
> it wasn't that nice.

 Well, here its still a monthly salary here (though not in IT :)) and in
russia at least in some poorer parts it might be even 3 months salary.

But thats not what I wanted to say here....

Seems that you all start to pick out irrelevant parts from the letter
and saying why they are irrelevant or wrong. But why don't you look after
these parts (maybe they got lost there) that are important?

Why no one responds to the part about daemons, check for services or some
kind of registry and the IMHO very important remark about packages you might
want to have installed, but not run time from time.

For example I had a debian box home with no internet connection, yes in
poorer countries you might not get internet connection that easy and let's
face it... modem is useless here because Telecom sends too strong pulses
that break the connection every 10-20 min, so they would get more $$.

And since this I wanted to have installed as much as I could in case I would
decided to use something, so I would not need to carry over HDs to a place
with connection. (No I don't have CDs :)) 

But there might be other reasons.. I think that every software that runs
as daemon or service should have an option to be turned off and this should
be definitely a policy matter.

On the other hand, the networking thing is really bad in debian. I think
that it would be nice if we would get this solved. I for one would really
welcome to be able to change network identity of computer easy. Moving my
whole computer to a different place, with different host, domain name, ip
address is not so uncommon... This should be also a matter of long term
policy, so Debian could get to state where this is possible.


Jiri Klouda <jk@atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz>

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