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Re: dbs package - should I upload it?

On 31 Jan 2001, Brian May wrote:

> - integrate some of this stuff into the debian source file format (now
> I am really dreaming ;-) ).
> - support *.zip as upstream format (I think unzip is now DFSG)???????

Funny you mention that.  Very funny indeed.

I have already done alot of this work.  Currently, I can extract old
style(single diff) and new style(multiple diff/tar).  There is preliminary
support for building old style, and the start of new style.

It supports zip, jar, tar, ar, gz, Z, bz, bz2.  You name it, it does it.  The
last stage of this I was rewriting to make it modular, so it is easy to add
new file formats in the future.

(btw, the latest version of dbs that is floating around in various packages
already support .zip/.jar)

>     >> [2] ideally you wouldn't have to specify a temp directory, and
>     >> it could be created under the source directory instead, however
>     >> dpkg-source would try to include this directory in the diff
>     >> file, which is not good. I didn't think deleting the directory
>     >> was a good idea either.
>     Adam> There are ways around this.
> Such as?

Fancy shell.  No details at this time, because I don't have any.  I just know
that it is possible to work around this.

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