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Re: dbs package - should I upload it?

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Heath <adam@doogie.org> writes:

    Adam> I have already done alot of this work.  Currently, I can
    Adam> extract old style(single diff) and new style(multiple
    Adam> diff/tar).  There is preliminary support for building old
    Adam> style, and the start of new style.

    Adam> It supports zip, jar, tar, ar, gz, Z, bz, bz2.  You name it,
    Adam> it does it.  The last stage of this I was rewriting to make
    Adam> it modular, so it is easy to add new file formats in the
    Adam> future.


Hopefully it can be done in such a way that code can be reused for
programs like dbs-edit-patch, without having to re-invent the wheel...

    Adam> (btw, the latest version of dbs that is floating around in
    Adam> various packages already support .zip/.jar)


Oh, one thing which makes me nervous about DBS (at least using Ben's
modified version), is the default of patch -p1. For most applications
this is a good thing. If, however, after extracting the source,
multiple top level directories are created, it could be a problem.

Will packages that rely on multiple source packages be supported?  An
example of why this would be useful, consider a Debian source package
that takes a number of different upstream perl modules, and produces
one Debian package (because the upstream split is not worth-while).

This is probably a good example of why multiple top level directories
may be required.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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