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Re: Open letter to Debian community

Quoting Victor Vislobokov <victor@tvmaxima.perm.ru> [010131 07:50]:
>    Today, Potato has many useless packages. I don't say, that they are not
> needed by everyone, no, not everyone, but for majority, Who needs baby
> shell?
[ 8< discussion about usefulness of specific packages cut 8< ]

An idea would be to create a one-cd distribution of the most used
packages. The popularity contest (apt-get install popularity-contest)
scores how often programs are used and installed, and would be
a good ground for such a CD.


For example, we see that 15 people use XBill regularly, whereas
121 people installed it but not used it recently :)

Ofcourse, the statistical population are those who have installed
the popularity-contest package, but it gives some indication of
package usages.


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