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Re: Open letter to Debian community

On Wed, Jan 31, 2001 at 09:14:25AM +0500, Victor Vislobokov wrote:
> how many MTA do we have? Three: sendmail, exim, smail.

We actually have more, but If you take the 3 you mentioned you can see from

exim 431
sendmail 140
qmail 42
smail 31

that it is not as easy as you might think to choose one package. If we
decide to use exim, which is our default mailer we will probably piss off
30% of our useres which have actively(!) deselected exim for another (in
their opinion better) MTA.

Actually *I* won't run a distribution which is not featuring smail or exim.
Others wont run a distribution which does not have sendmail.

The same is probably true for all kinds of software.

>    And everything takes space! And games! Do many people play XBill?
> And tell me please, why docs about anarchism were included in doc section?
> And Bible? Religious people have printed variants and non-religious won't
> read it from computer.

The main reason is, that Debian should not Judge about what will be in
Debian and what not. This would be a political statement and disregard the
packages you don't choose.

>    And how many old things are included in distribution! Do you think that
> is rational to keep Tk7.6 and Tcl7.6 only because of TkDesk?

Yes.. are *you* the one who want to tell a Memeber of the Free Software
Community you decided that his software is not worth to be used?

> version of Gtk does distribution have? Three! gtk1.0, gtk1.1, gtk1.2. If
> there is software that doesn't build with gtk1.2, then it's place in the
> trash not in distribution.

Libs which are not used anymore will be removed sooner or later.

> register themselves. WE can go further and think about /etc directory
> where information will be stored not only about net services, but
> about may other things.

And where is the standard in this idea? I mean, Standards not made up by
debian. There are quite a few (actually i think debian is the only
distribution with own standards and guidelines). And even for that we a

> if this worked it made life of the users and programs easier.

It does not make the life of admins easier which have to maintain more than
one unix-like system.

> I installed xdm, it doesn't mean that I want to run it. xdm is only
> an example.

Thats why the init script of xdm is a config file. Actually you are right
that some daemon s are not going that way yet, but with debconf and
/etc/default/ policy we have a framework for it. Go and write some patches.
 I want to say, that it would be good to have /etc/daemons
> file, and every string was in format

How about /etc/rc.config? :) (SuSE)

We have actually a configuration for daemons, it is calles SysV Init with
/etc/rc.d/ Directory or you can use the filereplacement.

> And this happens because dpkg cannot process existance of two various
> versions of came package.

Whats wrong with that?

>   I'm not quite sure, that people and especially leaders of Debian will
> percive this letter seriously, but I hope so. However, if anybody will
> think about my words, I will be glad.

There are no leader, YOU will lead Debian by showing working Code and

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