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Re: Open letter to Debian community

* Victor Vislobokov <victor@tvmaxima.perm.ru> [010130 22:11]:
>    First defect, IMHO is that Debian is very big. I thought and I think now,
> that best size of distribution is one CD. One CD for binaries and one for

Your best bet is to make a distribution after-the-fact that contains a
subset of the available packages that fits on a CD with the base
install.  APT supports this, and there is nothing stopping anyone (even
progeny) from creating a nifty one-cd install.

You could even (with work) setup something to keep the packages up to
date on a ftp site.

I think that the 'fullness' of the distribution is a strength.  We
shouldn't be saying we dont want X package in the distribution when it
will further the goal of bringing as much Free software to the masses
that dont necessarly want to install it by hand.

Scott Dier <dieman@ringworld.org> <sdier@debian.org>
http://www.ringworld.org/  #linuxos@irc.openprojects.net

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