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Re: [Fwd: [RFC] Making NM 'by recommendation']

>>"Glenn" == Glenn McGrath <bug1@optushome.com.au> writes:

 Glenn> There is a faction of debian developers who are elitists 

	While withholding my comments on the alleged attempts to close
 NM for the nonce, let me say this: one of the Major goals of the
 project is to create the best distribution of linux ever. You think
 we can ever achieve that with mediocre people? *Of Course* debian
 developers are held to a high standard. If that means we are
 elitist,  then colour me guilty. What kind of OS would you be running
 (if you would be running Debian at all), if the developers did not
 possess a modicum of competence? Given that every developer has, at
 least indirectly, a root account on every debian machine out there,
 you really think we should open the flood gates wide? 

 Glenn> These sorts of arguments are devisive and counterproductive to
 Glenn> debians goals,

	And what, pray, do you think the goals of the project are?
 Apart from the social contract (which some of us want to modify), are
 you even sure we have a uniform goal? Are you sure that there can be
 any such ``goal'' that is not the collective agendas and desires of
 the current set of developers? 
 Glenn> I think elitism is the only threat to debians viability. If
 Glenn> the elitists gain power their will no doubt be a manpower
 Glenn> shortage as there will be a lack of "worthy" new maintainers
 Glenn> to do the work that the elitists want to hand to other people.

	And if requiring basic competence from aspiring developers
 means that the pool of developers dries up, I would rather Debian
 went down it at least its reputation of excellence ( and my
 production machines that run unstable) intact. I would much rather
 Debian went away, than it descend into a morass of ill kept

	I happen to believe that the minimal competency test that the
 NM process institutes by no means implies eliticism, BTW. 

 Glenn> The only way i can think that debian can protect itself from this
 Glenn> internal threat is through policy.

	We do have policy about getting people into the project. The
 implementation of that policy is the NM process, over seen by the NM

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