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Re: LILO in TESTING broken!

On Sat, Jan 20, 2001 at 10:40:00AM +0200, Kai Henningsen wrote:
> russell@coker.com.au (Russell Coker)  wrote on 05.01.01 in <[🔎] 01010511183503.00874@lyta>:
> > Also I am concerned about the risk of breaking things.  Please let me know
> > how it works.
> Not only breaks it things, it made it into testing (maybe because or  
> Priority: important)!

It made it into testing because there weren't any release critical bugs
against it. This probably means either:

	(a) it didn't cause any security problems or data loss, and doesn't
	    break the whole system

or	(b) nobody who knew about any of the above problems bothered to
	    file a bug of the appropriate severity

If, as the maintainer of a package, you don't think it's suitable for
widescale consumption, it's appropriate to file a "serious" bug against
that package yourself: that way it'll both be ignored by testing, or
it'll get removed before the release if it's already made it in.


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