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Re: non-US?

On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 05:54:49AM +0100, Samuel Hocevar wrote:
>   You may want to talk to Dominik Schnitzer <dominik@schnitzer.at> about
> OMS, since he has already done the packaging job (he is part of the
> LiViD team but not of Debian). I considered packaging OMS since I was
> already working on a few DVD-related programs, but I talked to Dominik
> about becoming a Debian maintainer and he may have made up his mind
> about it now.

Ahh.. cool.

>   Xine is being packaged by Siggi Langauf <siggi@users.sourceforge.net>,
> without the CSS stuff.

Right, the xine-css plugin just overwrites (I'll have to figure out how to
prevent problems) the existing xine_dvd.so plugin, and includes css. We could
probably host it in non-US...


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