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Re: Using XML to handle all configuration files

> > will select all nodes like this one:  <interfaces>....<iface family="inet6">
> but you first have to know that an "iface" is under /interfaces, plus
> you have t know that it has an "inet6" option, and you also have to
> know what to do with the "node" once you get it.
> hence my point that you still need to tailor your stuff to be application
> specific every time.

 Uh.. well.. you will still need to invoke ifconfig/route to perform the
tasks, and these tools will vary according to the config file.. of course..
We are talking about configuration files, not about replacing every command
with an xml version...

> hell, we could all use LDAP ldiff format. that's another "standard", that
> is "easily" browsable :-)
> in an abstract sense, there's not much difference.
> ALthough obviously, there's not as many tools to use it for config file
> purposes ;-)

 In fact LDAP should ditch the ldiff format and create an XML scheme for
LDAP data.

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