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Re: Using XML to handle all configuration files

> For that matter, compare it with the original style 
> interfaces
> # This is a comment
> auto lo
> auto inet
> auto loopback
> iface lo inet loopback
> iface eth0 inet static
> 	address
>  	network
>  	netmask
>  	broadcast
>  	gateway
> And consider that you dont have to do stupid things like match ((())))))
> and you can simply use # as God intended.
> I prefer the current style to either of the two proposed alternatives.

 Are the multiple "stanzas" separated with whitespace? With the words iface|
auto... how do I merge lines? could I put address and netork in the same
line? Now we want to handle aliases... we need to code a way to handle
aliases lists (and invent a syntaxis). How do I safely modify/check this
file with a script?

 Of course, you can solve all these answers, generally doing some
reasearch/coding. But each answer will only be useful for just one program,
and just a couple of versions.

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