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Re: Using XML to handle all configuration files

I think that XML config format would be cool for 2 (main) reasons:

1:	A consistent file structure is easier to learn and remember
when trying to configure a new package / program.  The XML itself can
even be used as documentation for the format (reference-style doc, not

2:	The program writers can eliminate (nearly) all of their config
file parsing and error handling -- the XML parser will do that instead
(especially if it is a validating parser).

On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 10:49:15PM -0300, Nicolás Lichtmaier wrote:
| > debian-devel (I think some people are still nervous about the whole
| > idea). So feel free to repost any of this if you want.
|  True. People feels nervous when hearing XML. They don't realize that things
| are actually simpler, as much of the code is available *now* (have you used
| libxml2? It's very easy... ).

Oh?  Who's afraid of XML?  Maybe they think that they will have to
write all the parsing code themselves?  I've tried the DOM and SAX
parser for Python myself (wrappers around expat I believe).  Very
simple indeed!

| > 
| > I would try to have some standard for all config files, eg


| where getconf is a property getter program like the ones used by debconf.

Have you looked at GConf?  It is a new part of the gnome environment.
I don't know too much about the details of it, but from what I
understand it is supposed to be a universal configuration manager.  It
might resemble the M$ Windows registry.  I definitely don't want a
mess like the windows registry, but a simple and consistent config
mechanism is a must.  


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