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Re: SDL -> libarts -> libqt crazyness

Through a stream from Igor Khavkine came ...
< I traced the dependency to libarts, which in turn
< is a dependency for libsdl1.1. As outraged as I am
< about having libqt2.2 installed now, I just think

~$ apt-cache showpkg libsdl1.1
Package: libsdl1.1
Versions: 1.1.6-3(/var/lib/dpkg/status),
Reverse Depends: 
1.1.6-3 - libaudiofile0 (0 (null)) libc6 (2 2.1.2) libesd0 (18 
0.2.16) libesd-alsa0 (2 0.2.16) xlib6g (2 3.3.6) 
1.1.6-3 - 
Reverse Provides: 

Hmmm, I see nothing about libarts, I also tried 
  dpkg --no-act -r libqt2.2
an apart from various k-packages, it wasn´t going to remove 
libsdl. Maybe the bug-reports are all that the maintainer has 
not fixed/closed.


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