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Re: Migration to Pentium?

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> Even if there isn't a generalspeedup, there's software that can be
> compiled with support for 3Dnow! or MMX and there already packages like
> libc6-i586 that are compiled optimized. I don't know if it's worth
> compiling the whole distribution optimized, but at least for some packages
> it is worth it.

It seems that package pools could solve this.  A pool could exist for
different sub-archs containing optimized binaries.  As long as entry into
the pool was limited/strictly controlled, the pool could remain fairly
small.  There would have to be some constraint, such as "a demonstraited
speed-up of at least 15% in processing data or 15% decrease in cpu
usage on the same load from the non-optimized version". (15% completely

This makes it fairly easy for the end-user to use optimized binaries, just
have the optimized line first in source.list.  It also let mirrors using
pool-aware mirroring scripts not mirror the optimized binaries if they
don't want to.  And since entrance into the pool is very restricted, the
disk space requirement is not huge (hands waving wildly :).

Andrew Lenharth

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