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PPP debian Policy?

Is there ANY debian policy that dictates how the ppp /user/group is supposed 
to be setup/ or work ? Cause i can't find it.

As Far as i can tell a normal user must be  part of both DIP and Dialout 
groups to dial out and use PPP ? Is there any Funny Reason this is so ?

Reason I'm ask'in is altho I CAN Dialout as root. and CAN dialout as a Normal 
user Via. " wvdial " I CANNOT Dial out with KPPP. ( PPPD Bombs out )
( I CAN dial out with kppp as root )

I'm tring to get to the bottom of this little mistery only to find ther is 
Zero Documentation. ( Tho I'm not complaining, I simpithize with the 
writers....I'm a busy guy 2 )

Any one with some eh.... pointers ?
Maybe I'll Write the PPP Section after I figure out how PPP is implemented in 
debian........ Eh ?

FYI ( I have set KPPP to setuid. and is owned by root and group root. exec 
other  Same as wvdial. even added some read/write permisions on the 
/etc/ppp/pap,options, *FILES*  And nada......
PPPD says that KPPP is sending it a signal 15. that witch is normal after 
kppp times out. it sends pppd a sig15.. )

Thanks Fellas,	

		Your Avid Debian User and Advocate.
This has been a comunique from 
his Imperial Majesty Grand Admiral thrawn

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