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Re: Debian SMP Problems?

I've been running Debian on x86 SMP for quite a while now ... currently a 
dual celeron BP6 system, previously a dual PPro system.

Besides, Debian doesn't know or care if the system is uni or multi processor, 
that is solely a kernel issue ... remember Debian is simply a distribution, 
not a kernel, Linux is the kernel.

I would be checking out your BIOS settings and make sure a process isn't 
running amok in the background. Also, the default kernel that the 
installation process might not be SMP aware, so you might only be using 1 of 
your processors.


On Monday 22 January 2001 13:23, Danny Rodriguez wrote:
> I just tried installing a clean version of Potato on an SMP machine (Dual
> Pentium III 450's) and the entire installation ran unbareably slow. After
> multiple hours of installation, the system now runs equally as slow.
> Executing programs, shell scripts, compiling, everything runs extremely
> slow.
> I thought it may be disk accessing, but FTP'ing works just fine.
> I figured perhaps the stock Debian kernel has some SMP problems? I am
> trying to compile a new kernel with SMP support but it is taking a while,
> just wondering if anyone else has had problems. Thanks,
> Danny

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