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Re: Request for Sponser: The Global File System

Previously lewis@sistina.com wrote:
> Some of the other guys are using a PC with the GNBD (our network
> block device) server, serving out a block device to a couple of laptops.

I was wondering about that.. why did you write another nbd? If I
remember correctly there already was one out there.

> Again, performance is not great (due to slow PCMCIA NICs, but it works.  Of
> course, ideally you want a fast Fibre Channel array and several computers with
> Fibre Channel cards, and some of the testing is done with this, but I
> generally don't need that kind of test setup.

This should also work with shared SCSI storage, right? That's a lot
cheaper to setup if people want to play with it (and very nice for
things like failover setups where you only need 2 nodes).


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