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Re: Offline sync rool a la rsync ?

On Thu, 18 Jan 2001, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:

> from rsync manpage:
>        -t, --times
>               This  tells  rsync  to  transfer modification times
>               along with the files and update them on the  remote
>               system.   Note that if this option is not used, the
>               optimization that excludes files that have not been
>               modified  cannot  be  effective;  in other words, a
>               missing -t or -a will cause the  next  transfer  to
>               behave  as  if  it used -I, and all files will have
>               their checksums compared and show up  in  log  mes­
>               sages even if they haven´t changed.
Yes, but when I checked rsync some time ago it seemed me that it not
compares both repositories.  One repository will made a mirror of the
other but what if there are newer files on the zip drive and other files
are newer on the desktop?  I want the program always use the latest
version of a file regardingless where it is.  In my opinion this is
not possible with rsync.

Kind regards


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