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Re: Formal request for a new developer to not be allowed into debian

> > It is not nice to send someone a message saying "I do not want your
> > opinion." If you don't want it, don't invite it ie don't post.
> > Alternatively, ignore it.
> I can not ignore it when someone is trying to provoke and offend me.
> I can decide myself about it.

You (and everyone else) can ignore comments you disagree with, but
choose not to.

If someone is being rude or offensive the worst thing you can do is sink
to their level, try to rise above the shit, be part of the solution, not
the problem.

If you disagree with someone you will get further if you politely and
constructively respond to them. If you insult someone its very unlikely
that they will take your comments to heart.

Im not refering to this thread alone.


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