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Re: menu-policy: education

On Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 06:09:28PM -0800, phil@bolthole.com wrote:
> oh good greif. This reminds of that Dilbert strip:
> "Are you sure it's okay to jump right into a pre-meeting without
>   plannning?"
> "Okay, let's start this planning session for the pre-meeting" :-/

Yeah, I know that particular strip.  Sorry, I wrote that on not nearly
enough sleep.  It's much simpler than I put it: 

1. old method: approach archive maintainer and they'll add a new section
   if they think it's appropriate

2. new method: ??? there is no new method because the archive doesn't
   have sections anymore

All I'm saying is since there's no new method, someone is gonna have to
*devise* a new method.  I have been told that it should just be a matter
of adding a policy.  This isn't just red tape, the policy document would
tell a developer "here are the sections you should add your package to,
and roughly what belongs in each" much as we now have a menu sub-policy.

You can't just "check the current release to see what sections are in it"
as the policy manual says, because if you look at the new package pools
arrangement, the sections simply are not there.

Is that clearer?

> Can't "whoever's in charge of the releases" just decide, "Hey, in the next
> release there will now be an Education section" ?

No.  I have asked directly.  It's not quite so simple as that.  We *do*
need a policy.

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