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Re: menu-policy: education

On Sat, Jan 13, 2001 at 06:21:17PM +0100, Vladimir Tamara wrote:
>     Ben> I guess the question is, who is going to bring this to
>     Ben> debian-policy and make it a reality?  Although I'm supportive
>     Ben> of the idea, I have my hands full.  Any takers?
> I still don't have a package in Debian.  Can I help in that?
> If so, please recommend me readings to start and decide if I can.

For background reading, you can apt-get install debian-policy and
look at the menu-policy document, and also at the policy-process

Then I suppose you could subscribe to debian-policy and fill them in on
the details of what we have discussed here on debian-devel, providing a
URL to the relevant threads in the debian-devel archives (see
http://lists.debian.org/#debian-devel and/or lists.debian.org/search). I'm
sure they can answer any remaining questions you may have after reading
the docs about making a formal policy proposal for education's inclusion
in the menu system and see it become a part of our menu subpolicy.

The addition of an "education" section in the package archives is a
separate issue and should therefore be pursued separately from the
education menu section policy.

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