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Re: Packaged marked for removal -> last chance to adopt them!

In message <20010113200830.A8265@sumpf.cyrius.com>, Martin Michlmayr 
>The QA guidelines say that packages which have been orphaned longer
>than 90 days are to be removed.  There are many packages listed in
>the WNPP which are much older than this.  Debian has been growing
>and growing, and it's time to clean out old packages from unstable.
>  * Packages orphaned more than 90 days and less than 180 days ago and
>    which have no open bugs with severity higher than minor will be kept.
>  * Packages orphaned 90 days ago with a bug open or a Standards-Version
>    less than 3.0 (which would be a RC bug anyway) will be removed.
>  * Packages orphaned more than 180 days ago will be removed in any case.

What does 'removed' mean exactly?  Deleted completely, or moved to an 
area outside of the main distro so that people can later pick them up 
again if they feel the need?  I think that deleting packages may be too 
much since they may want to be 'revived' by someone later (or at least 
serve as a template for releasing newer versions), and then it would be 
good to have them in a 'orphaned-removed' type area somewhere.



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