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Re: Packaged marked for removal -> last chance to adopt them!

On Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 05:50:06PM +0100, Nils Lohner wrote:
> What does 'removed' mean exactly?  Deleted completely, or moved to an 
> area outside of the main distro so that people can later pick them up 
> again if they feel the need?  I think that deleting packages may be too 
> much since they may want to be 'revived' by someone later (or at least 
> serve as a template for releasing newer versions), and then it would be 
> good to have them in a 'orphaned-removed' type area somewhere.

This has worried me before: is there a way for users of removed
packages to be informed by the system when packages they use are
removed? I feel uncomfortable thinking that any package I have
installed might be removed and I will have no way to be aware that I
am no longer receiving security fixes for it. I've also often been
unsure whether the package was indeed actively and finally removed --
it can also be that the mirrors are unupdated, or maybe unstable lives
up to its name, who knows...

Maybe it's possible be leave an empty package that conflicts with
itelf so that users know they should either remove the package or put
it on hold?

	- Adi Stav

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