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Re: senior developer? [was: New-maintainer - STOP THAT SHIT]


Hmmmm... I have a feeling that recently the list's existence has been revolving
around internal quarrels and issues of: "Who's better than the other?"
Although it is tempting to reply to remarks of bad conduct, one should act
professionally, ignore the message and go about his business. 
There's little sense in measuring one's efficiency and social title.
All Debian Developers contribute to the Debian Project to different extents.
Since this is a volunteer based project, we shouldn't place importance on
experience and degree of contribution to the project. 
We should to strive to eliminate any titles that may result in a form of 
hierarchy due to the fact that this would only discourage fellow developers.
The bottom line is: We're a team, let's act accordingly refrain from remarks
of: "HAHAH@#$@#$# WAHAH@#$#@ I've uploaded more packages than you!!!"

	Cheers, Yotam Rubin

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