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Re: Packaged marked for removal -> last chance to adopt them!

On Sat, 13 Jan 2001, Adrian Bunk wrote:

>On Sat, 13 Jan 2001, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
>> The QA guidelines say that packages which have been orphaned longer
>??? Where are "QA guidelines" that are more than a proposal?
>> than 90 days are to be removed.  There are many packages listed in
>> the WNPP which are much older than this.  Debian has been growing
>> and growing, and it's time to clean out old packages from unstable.
>> Since some people thought the 90 day rule was too strict, I used the
>> following rules:
>>   * Packages orphaned more than 90 days and less than 180 days ago and
>>     which have no open bugs with severity higher than minor will be kept.
>>   * Packages orphaned 90 days ago with a bug open or a Standards-Version
>>     less than 3.0 (which would be a RC bug anyway) will be removed.
>A missing manual page is a "normal" bug and might be a reason for the
>faster removal of a package?
>>   * Packages orphaned more than 180 days ago will be removed in any case.
>Even if there's noone willing to maintain a package there might be users
>(and "Our Priorities are Our Users and Free Software" - you know what I'm
>quoting?) that are using this package. It's all right to remove packages
>that would need much work but if a package is all right I see no problem
>even if it's orphaned for over a year.

Some damn priority: leaving them hanging for 3 years in extreme cases...

>> Again, these packages will be removed on Sun Feb  4 if no objections
>> are raised before then.
>I do object.

SURPRISE!  I figured it'd be Ben Collins, since he and I tangled on this
issue less than a month ago: in fact, since you were first out of the
gate, I owe a cow-orker a soda (must've been that silo was adpoted...) :(

>> dpkg-scriptlib -- dpkg-perl and dpkg-python [#68588]
>>   * Orphaned 161 days ago
>>   --> This package will be kept.
>> [ Important: tetex-extra pre-depends on this package! ]
>> fnlib -- special font rendering library used by Enlightened apps [#71565]
>>   * Orphaned 122 days ago
>>   --> This package will be kept.
>> [ Important: someone with interest in Enlightenment should adopt this
>> package since Enlightenment depends on it! ]
>You say you really want to remove these packages?

Hear! Hear!  Then we won't have people like you saying that NM ought to be
closed.  Or if we do, it will be with the full knowlege that things ain't
getting done WITH the infusion of "new blood", much less without it.


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