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Re: I have a question...

On Fri, Jan 12, 2001 at 01:35:02PM -0800, sharon helfand wrote:
> May I have the number of current users that use your distribution?

Unlike several other distributions, no single, official entity sells
the majority of Debian CD-ROMs -- most users download Debian
themselves or buy CDs from general CD vendors such as Cheapbytes. I
believe that Debian's "market" share is often underrated for this
reason. I'd say the safest way to tell how many servers run Debian is
to look for a survey of actual running servers. The only such survey I
know of has been conducted by Netcraft and shows that Debian holds the
third place (8%) in the number of web servers among Linux
distributions. See http://netcraft.com/survey/

	- Adi Stav

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