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ide-scsi blocking with two cdroms

I'm seeing blocking on my second cdrom device, but not the first, and 
it only seams to be on device opens.  Individual reads don't seam to 
block.  Both devices will operate in parallel so long at the second 
device is opened before the first.

Kernel: 2.2.18pre21 patched for Promise Ultra100 support.
SCSI, SCSI-CDROM, IDE, and IDE-SCSI compiled into kernel, not modules.
The ide cdrom drives are on different IDE controllers.

I'm running two copies of grip.  One tied to each cdrom.  I'm using 
the external cdparanoia to rip cd audio, then lame for mp3 encoding 
(encoding is working fine).  When I'm ripping a track on scd0, then 
start to rip a track on scd1.  The ripper on scd1 will wait till the 
one on scd0 has finished before it will start.  On the other hand 
when scd1 is ripping, if scd0 is started up it will just start 
ripping the track with no wait.  When I had both cdroms setup as 
ide-cdrom devices through the ide interface they didn't block each 
other.  Using the ide-scsi interface to the IDE cdrom drives is 
giving me about a 1.4x speed up in ripping speed on each drive over 
using the ide driver interface.  So I'd like to continue to use it, 
but the blocking on the second device is causing me to loose all 
gains plus some due to the idle times on the second drive.

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