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Re: Bugs about new upstream versions

Paul Slootman wrote:

> On Wed 10 Jan 2001, Brian Frederick Kimball wrote:
> > Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
> > 
> > >  Let me put it this way: if I get a bug report that says "foobar
> > >  0.2 came out this morning" its only effect will be to delay the
> > >  release of a debian package by at least a couple of days.
> >
> > It takes "at least a couple of days" to close a bug?
> Nagging volunteers tend to make them take longer to do things.

I can totally understand that.  I also feel the urge to avoid things
that I'm being nagged about.

BUT... I think it's important to point out that it's a VERY
passive-aggressive response.

I would much rather see the reporter flamed and the developer move on
with his life instead of sit in anger for two days not doing anything in
order to "punish" those damn nagging users.  That's pretty dysfunctional
behavior, IMHO.  Why let some random stupid user affect the quality of
the work you do for Debian?

Think of how great Debian could be if you all could release your anger
as Branden and Craig do. :-)

Of course, an even better response would be to just deal with the fact
that such nagging users exist and not worry about it.


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